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hören #21: Gemeinschaften mit eingebauten Veränderungsgenen (Walter Faerber)

Hier kommt der dritte von insgesamt sechs Impulsen vom EmergingCamp der Initiative Nord in Bremen:

Walter Faerber wandte sich dann der Frage zu, wie wir in unseren Gemeinschaften ein Veränderungs-Gen platzieren können, das die jeweiligen Gruppen bereit dazu macht, sich immer wieder neu zu erfinden. U.a. nannte er hier ein Umschalten vom Bildungs- zum Abenteuer-Modus, ein Team als Innovationsmotor, regelmäßige Reflexionstreffen und einen Schutzabstand zum Standardgemeindemodell.”

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  1. Hey, just had a listen, and have to say a big “Amen!” to Walter Faerber. I better be careful here, ’cause I could get on a soapbox about each of his points. One would think that Faerber’s observations and cautions would be self-evident to any kind of orgenization, but my experience the last 15 years in churches have proven that they are not. I am a mother with 3 kids, and just in our small family unit of 5, I see on a week to week basis the need to “re-create” ourselves. Rethink through our attitudes toward each other, roles each member has, ways of relating to each other, and organizational systems, as well as readjusting and re-coordinating our scheduals, plans and goals as we each respond to our “para-family” domain. If this is true on the smallest scale, then how much more necessary for larger social units.
    Right now I’ve taken a BIG step back from “Church as we know it,” in order to do the “deep thinking” necessary so as to avoid falling back into the rut of familiar church structures and methods. It has been eye opening to see how “programed” I’ve become and how easy it would be to fill up the “blank sheet” with a lot of dysfunctional systems based on faulty or out-of-date presuppositions. I can not emphasize enough the importance of Faerber’s last point to gain a healthy distance from the standard church model and to rethink the underlying philosophy and theology of that model before starting up something knew. The danger of just moving the Church of the Modern era into a Coffee house is very real, and we see it happening here where we live. I don’t think that such superficial fixes will be the ultimate expression of the Kingdom of God in our post-modern, western culture (as much as I enjoy a Latte on Sunday morning :-).

  2. @Thomas:
    Heißen Dank, das Bild sagt mehr als 1000 Worte – nehm ich das nächste Mal dazu.

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